Good Old Fashion Southern Cooking

We have always been happy to cook or bake up something good for the family and friends.  Many times over the years we have been have been asked to cook for events or special occasions.

Born daughters of James Iris and Gloria B, Daddy was a chef in the Navy giving us the love of cooking. While Ma had a big ole sweet tooth and encouraged us every step of the way.  Grandma Pope, out of Rich Square NC, was known for her rich chocolate fudge cake that we kept the alive over the years.

We have finally decided to give in to the pressure and offer our cakes to you and your families.  We are located in southern Maryland so if you are in our area we will offer a “Meet you half-way” delivery service.  Yes, we also package and ship many of our cakes as well.

We look forward to you enjoying our Good Old Fashion Southern Pride Cooking.